#TrainingThursday: How to Stay Motivated During Your Half Marathon Training

Training for your half marathon - if done correctly - can be one of the highlights of your year. Over 8-10 weeks you get to explore your city, meet new friends, develop new healthy habits, and get really, really (like really) fit. But it's not all high fives and post-run brunches. The training can get hard and monotonous, so in this video ... More

#TrainingThursday: 3 Injury Prevention Tips For Runners

When it comes to injuries in your half marathon training - it's like riding a bike. Sooner or later, you know it's not "if" you fall...but when. But fear not - injuries do not have to be frightening, stressful affairs especially if you start your training with the right habits and exercises on a daily and weekly schedule. This video will ... More

should runners lift weights

#TrainingThursday: Should Marathon & Half Marathon Runners Lift Weights? Pt. III

Final video in our series! The part 3 series of "Should Marathon & Half Marathon Runners Lift Weights" concludes with a few important pieces to the strength and performance puzzle. In this video, we break down: How many days you should be lifting each week How to craft your lifting based on the time of year Why being ... More

#TrainingThursday: Should Marathon & Half Marathon Runners Lift Weights? Pt. II

In our Part 2 on answering the question, "Should marathon and half marathon runners lift weights?" we dig into the more specific questions around the particulars of your workout. First, we address the commonly held view that runners should only be doing "runner specific" exercises. Besides, since all humans have the same ... More

How To Overcome Running Challenges

Contributed by David Lam, a 2018 Ambassador for The Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon.  Through the course of our experiences as runners, we’ll be faced with many challenges that can catch us on our heels. These challenges can be in the form of injuries, a waning motivation to run, or terrible weather conditions on race day (see The ... More

#TrainingThursday: Should Marathon & Half Marathon Runners Lift Weights? Pt. I

In this part 1 we explore the common arguments against lifting weights: You'll bulk up. It takes up too much time. It can be dangerous and sketchy. .........and IT'S NOT RUNNING. We also explore why you SHOULD consider lifting weights and what it can do for your marathon training: Improve force production & power ... More

Power Crunch Pumpkin Pie Bars for The Win!

Ready for a better way to provide your body and mind with the energy and nourishment it craves? As an athlete, you are always seeking a way to enhance your performance to achieve your lofty goals. But did you know that not all protein is created equal? Power Crunch’s high-dh hydrolyzed whey protein is quickly absorbed into your body (and ... More

Stay Hydrated with nuun

nuun returns once again as the official on-course electrolyte of the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon You know the importance of staying hydrated. But hydrating during/after you long run may not be enough. For longer runs, you may need to pre-load (or top off) your electrolyte stores. This will increase the availability of fluids and ... More

2017 Post-Workout Recovery Tips from Muscle Milk

Stay in race shape and kick off 2017 with this guide on post-run recovery from Muscle Milk. If you've taken a break from running since the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon in November, this is a great time to resume your training and maintain your motivation. Plan ahead. After an intense workout, you should be replenishing your body ... More

#GUforit – Which Energy Chew Flavor Do You Prefer?

Vote for the GU Energy Chews flavor you want on-course. More