Fundraiser Spotlight: The Johnston Family Runs for The Berkeley Public Schools Fund

Since its inaugural year, The Berkeley Half Marathon has aligned with local non-profit organization, the Berkeley Public Schools Fund, to support programs that enrich educational opportunities in Berkeley schools. The funds raised by the Berkeley Half Marathon runners for the Schools Fund have supported much-needed programs, including literacy, music, science and more.

Over the past three years, runners and community members have supported the Berkeley Public Schools Fund Team in the Berkeley Half Marathon, raising over $90,000 in charitable donations. Recently, those dollars helped the Berkeley Public Schools Fund reach their record $1 million fundraising goal in the 2014-2015 year.

Runner Spotlight: Carrie Johnston & Family

johnstonCarrie Johnston and her family have been running in the Berkeley Half Marathon’s various races since its inaugural race in 2013. “I have been teaching at John Muir since 2012, and am honored to be part of a school district which aims to serve all of the children in our wonderful city,” she says.

Carrie’s children, Martha and Tom, who are running the 5K again this year, are 5th and 3rd graders at Berkeley Arts Magnet.  Her husband Adrian will be running this year’s Half Marathon as well.

Click here to donate on Carrie’s fundraising page.

1. How have you and your community benefited from the work of the Berkeley Public Schools Fund?

I have benefited from the work of BPS as a classroom teacher whose projects have been funded, and as a parent whose children have been in classrooms of BPSF teachers.  I have used BPSF money to do integrated art units; to host a visiting musician who taught the class about the roots of African-American music; and to teach Visual Thinking Strategies.  My students and my own children have gone on field trips and taken part in hands-on science thanks to BPSF grants.

2. What inspires you to run on behalf of the Berkeley Public Schools Fund?

The diverse Berkeley public schools, which reflect the many cultures of the families of Berkeley.

3. What advice would you give to other runners who are interested in fundraising as part of their race?

Post on Facebook.  Don’t be shy about asking friends and family to donate.  Have fun!

Interested in fundraising for the Berkeley Public Schools Fund? Runners can participate in the Berkeley Half Marathon’s 2016 events for free with a Schools Fund Fundraising Commitment. Click here to learn more.


Visit the Berkeley Half Marathon’s Crowdrise page for information about making a donation or setting up an individual fundraiser for your race.

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